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Frequently Asked Questions

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HideYT isn't working with my site. What gives?
HideYT works seamlessly across a wide variety of websites, each unique with its own set of themes and plugins. Despite our comprehensive efforts to ensure broad compatibility, we recognize that the vast landscape of web configurations may sometimes lead to unexpected behavior or compatibility issues. In such instances, a specific, targeted patch to the HideYT plugin might be required to adapt our plugin to work with your particular site setup. If you're experiencing any difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.
Which types of video links does HideYT hide?
HideYT is designed to hide the "related videos" that appear while a YouTube video is paused and after it ends. This means that users won't see any "related videos" in these instances. It's important to note that HideYT cannot hide "end-screen" cards that have been manually added by the owner of the YouTube video and show while the last 5-20 seconds of video content is still playing. To ensure your users do not see end-screen video cards, we recommend hosting videos on your own YouTube account rather than embedding videos from a third party. This way, you have control over whether end-screen video cards are added.
How can I purchase HideYT during the trial period?
1) Log in with Freemius, our plugin distributor, clicking "never received your password" if you don't have a password yet. 2) Once you're logged in, click "Licenses" on the left, and click on your trial license in the list. 3) Click "Upgrade to..." and choose the single-site or unlimited license.
How do I install HideYT?
Please see the installation instructions video. You will also receive written instructions by email upon sign-up. If you're still stuck, contact us and we'll help out!
Does HideYT work in full-screen mode?
HideYT gives you the option to disable full-screen mode on your videos site-wide. If you choose to allow full-screen, note that HideYT will not be able to hide related videos while the video is full-screened.
I have a single-site license, how can I upgrade to a multi-site license?
Log in to our distributor here. If it's your first time logging in, click "Never received your password" to create a password. Once you're logged in, click "Licenses" on the left, then click your license in the list to bring it up. Then on the right, click "Upgrade To", then "Pro - Unlimited-Sites". The system should confirm your license upgrade.
Does HideYT have any known plugin incompatibilities?
HideYT cannot guarantee compatibility with custom 3rd-party YouTube players such as MediaElement.js; HideYT is designed to work with the standard, official YouTube player. Additionally, HideYT is incompatible with the Thrive Architect plugin. For compatibility with NitroPack, turn off "lazy-loading" for YouTube embeds or for all iframes. If you are unsure whether your site is compatible, we encourage you to take advantage of our free trial period to see if HideYT runs smoothly on your site. If you're using the official YouTube player but HideYT is still not working, contact us and we'll take an individual look at your site to see if we can patch HideYT so that it works with your specific setup!
What is "Freemius" and why does HideYT integrate with it?
Freemius is a WordPress plugin reseller based in Brooklyn, New York. By using their licensing and release servers, we save those costs and pass the savings on to you. To learn more about their team and view their privacy policy, visit freemius.com.
Which web browsers are HideYT compatible with?
HideYT is compatible with modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported by YouTube or by HideYT. For the small minority of users using Internet Explorer, videos will still play normally, but related videos will not be hidden.
How can I skip the free trial and purchase HideYT?
Use this purchase link to buy HideYT directly.
What is your refund policy?
We're committed to ensuring satisfaction with HideYT. Should you choose to cancel your subscription, we offer a no-questions-asked refund for any payments made within the last 30 days.