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Great plug-in. A no-fuss solution to a painful problem. Couldn't be easier to install, and works like a charm!

Peter Hart
Founder of Silicon Dreams

Easy to use and solves a HUGE problem. No other plugin out there that I could find.

Dana Lando

After struggling to hide related Youtube videos for the last year, I found this plugin. Works great, good support and reasonably priced.


Designed for 2019.

HideYT uses an overlay technique. It does not rely on "&rel=0". This means that HideYT works despite YouTube's August 2018 Update.

YouTube Overlay

Turnkey solution.

After installing the plugin, related videos are hidden on all players. Configuration is optional, no special code to learn.

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14-day free trial.

No credit card required. HideYT works flawlessly with your website, or you don't pay a penny.

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